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Hi-Beat와 함께하는 KPOP오디션 캠프

최종 수정일: 2023년 10월 18일



안녕하세요! 바른유학 입니다.

요즘 전 세계적으로 가장 핫한 가수는 누구라고 생각하시나요? 바로 한국의 KPOP을 널리 알린 BTS, 블랙핑크 아닐까요?!

KPOP이 유명해진 요즘 호주에서도 KPOP에 관심을 가지는 아이들이 많아진것 같습니다!

그래서 오늘 KPOP에 관심이 많은 아이들을 위해 'Hi-Beat와 함께하는 KPOP 오디션 캠프'를

소개해 드리려고 합니다!

우리 아이들이 유명기획사에 오디션을 볼 수 있는 기회! 놓치지마세요!

Hello! this is Baron

Who do you think is the hottest singer in the world these days?

Aren't they BTS and BLACKPINK who spread KPOP in Korea?

I think there are more children who are interested in KPOP in Australia these days when KPOP became famous!

For those who are interested in KPOP, we're going to have a KPOP audition camp with

Hi-Beat. I'd like to introduce them to you!

Our kids have a chance to audition for a big-name agency! Don't miss it!


| KPOP Art School x Hi-Beat Introduction

KPOP Art School

Kpop Art School (KAS) was founded on spreading the love of K-pop and Korean

culture to the world.

Our curriculum is led by faculty who have produced countless K-pop idols.

Along with professional idol management, we also provide audition opportunities

from an extensive list of Korean entertainment companies.

We’re specialized in training international students who dream of entering

the entertainment industry and debuting in broadcast programs.


Hi-Beat is a dance studio founded by KAS aiming to provide the best K-pop

dance education and diverse specialized training for our students.

We offer audition dance classes ranging from varying levels, provide personal

feedback and special lectures to prepare students for auditions, and have had

numerous successful students pass auditions as a result.


| Dance Instuctors


| Camp Introduction


| Fee Information


| KPOP Short-term Camp Program Details


| 9 Nights 10 Days Schedule


| Dance Curriculum


| Hotel Information

Hongdae Amanti Seoul Hotel

Located in Hongdae represented by youth, romance, art, and culture. AMANTI HOTEL SEOUL offers reasonable and high-quality facilities, as well as a variety of auxiliary facilities such as gourmet dining, wedding, business, culture, and various entertainment events.


| Activities


| Other Information

Arrival and Airport Pick-up

Our staff will wait at the designated spot at the airport holding a KPOP ART SCHOOL sign.

Airport pick-up will take place at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. Students who

arrive in Terminal 2 must take the shuttle bus to Terminal 1.

Rules and Regulations

Participants must respect and follow the KAS rules during their stay at camp.

In case of Rule Violation

If a camp participant repeatedly violates the rules and interferes with other participants'

participation in the program and their safety, our camp manager will investigate the

validity of the claims. If violations are identified more than once, the student may be

expelled from the camp, and if the student is expelled due to misconduct,

the remaining camp cost will NOT be refunded.

※If the misconduct is a serious rule violation, you may be immediately expelled from the camp.

(e.g., violence, abusive language, harassment, rudeness, crime, etc.)

Refund Policy

1. Camp fees are paid to secure accommodation and to ensure the smooth proceeding

of the camp. Due to this, penalties will be incurred depending on the time of requested


└ From 11 December 2023 - non-refundable

└ From 1 December 2023 to 10 December 2023 - 50% of tuition fee refundable

** Application fee($200) is non-refundable

2. If the camp is canceled due to local circumstances or those of the company,

the total tuition fee will be refunded.

3. Camp fees must be paid in full by 30 November 2023 to the appointed bank account

which is going to be announced.

4. It is impossible to adjust the schedule or cost of the camp due to personal circumstances.

Even if you do not participate, the camp fees are non-refundable.


| Filmed Workship Video


When you need a Best


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